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Posted by AmanPyroman - March 1st, 2010

So I really miss animating, but seeing as I'm trying to become a doctor the time needed to be set aside for the type of projects I wished to begin on here have all fallen out of reason-ability. I no longer have flash because of my own pure failure of hardware mechanics, and time isn't growing on trees for me.

Maybe I'll try working on short clips with my friend for now on "Tantalis329" on spare time this summer. But coming as soon as next semester I'll actually be in the hospital. It pays well and I love doing it, but I wish I could have more time to animate. My drawing is superb, just never had time to draw it 50 times in a row to create the best 2 seconds of flash you'll ever see XD

peace out from the Pyro.

Posted by AmanPyroman - May 16th, 2009

Okay so I've been addicted to this new medal system since the beginning, but If I want to stay around with the top dogs and finally be removed from the shadows of like people Life, Varien, Fleshlight, etc. I NEED TO EARN DRUNKEN DEITY MEDAL.

So, do to the college semesters being over (and Bright Futures not covering summer courses), I finally have time to dedicate to the practice and perfection it takes to earn the infamous DD.

So during this past week, I have continuously been practicing lvl after lvl until finally having beaten every lvl on a somewhat consistent basis. So 2 days ago I finally decide "its time for a test run" so I go and die on lvl 4...I know that is pretty sad. FLUKE I say...I move on. second attempt, I get to lvl 12 and get pwned in the face by a barrel and drop all the way to the ground in which I get pwned to the face by a moltie....better than 4 but not pleased. Last try of the night I get to lvl 14 and get crushed in between a bat and a barrel...what ever, I'm tired, its bed time.

Next day, I'mma beat this thing once and for all!!!!!!!! Not so much 1st run, death on 9, 2nd death on 15....YES FRIGGIN 15 I got 4 hits to the head, then he decided to play goalie and move BOTH hands over his face and I got jammed and slammed...

But I'm a busy person I only had time for two runs that day, so come to today I get to lvl 12 and get owned, then 15 and get pwned...I'm done for today but I don't see how I won't have it by the end of this week, BEWARE AmanPyroman will rise to the top....you'll just have to wait and see.

Peace out from the Pyro XDD

Posted by AmanPyroman - April 22nd, 2009

So I got bored with the bigger projects I'm working on and decided to make something quick. Though I might just wait until after pico day to submit it due to the fact it would get drowned out by all the awesome animation that I am incapable of atm, LOL.

Here is a quick screen shot

Working on something short and quick

Posted by AmanPyroman - April 6th, 2009

Welcome to my home page...what are you doing here??

Well, for your trouble here is a comic from C and H.

I'm curious who all shows up on this page too, so if you would, leave a comment so I can see how many wandering eyes flow through here :D