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Entry #4

Growing up has its limitations.

2010-03-01 14:52:40 by AmanPyroman

So I really miss animating, but seeing as I'm trying to become a doctor the time needed to be set aside for the type of projects I wished to begin on here have all fallen out of reason-ability. I no longer have flash because of my own pure failure of hardware mechanics, and time isn't growing on trees for me.

Maybe I'll try working on short clips with my friend for now on "Tantalis329" on spare time this summer. But coming as soon as next semester I'll actually be in the hospital. It pays well and I love doing it, but I wish I could have more time to animate. My drawing is superb, just never had time to draw it 50 times in a row to create the best 2 seconds of flash you'll ever see XD

peace out from the Pyro.


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