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First Feedback, loading bar or working animation?! Not sure whats wrong with it but I can't get it to load. I try to judge fairly so I opened 3 different browsers and reloading the page serveral time...The reason being because you wrote a very nice description which I actually bother to read on peoples posting :)

But since I can't watch it...I can't judge :(

HeThinkzLikeNoOthEr responds:

I posted a link to another website....it works fine there,,,i couldnt tell u why it won't work here....i switched out 3 different preloaders!!!....but check out the link!!...nvm I fixed it somehow!!!

LOL really unexpected, gave me a chuckle. Pretty simple but got the joke across.

Half the rating was for the animation quality and the other half for the content...needless to say a solid 0 was given in that department.

For the good note, it was smooth and the voice acting was decent enough to depict crazed child predator. But this doesn't make up for the rest. I work with patients and families dealing with quite an array of problems and this is a subject I hardly find funny or grounds on which to joke about. It was incredibly disturbing as there is a lot of truth to the actions of "moleman"

I was waiting for one redeeming quality, and therefore watched the whole thing, of which was the presence of a warning at the end of the clip towards parents of younger children. This was not there and therefore actually made me sick to my stomach. Once you start to work with children and families who have been emotionally and physically abused in any form you might understand my strong distaste for your animation.

SvenStoffels responds:

"A warning at the end"? This isnt a infomercial its a cartoon!
There's allot of truth behind the actions of the moleman? He's not real.. Its a cartoon character.

I understand you might be offended by this, reading about you past experience with children. But nothing should be sacred. Every subject matter should be free for ridicule. Yes, even the prophet mohammed. Fuck that guy!

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Eh good Idea, little easy. Would have been a little more entertaining with key combinations or the like. Or if you did want to keep the simplicity atleast up the quality of the animation.

I think with 8 bit stuff they need to compensate for the lack of art with awesome gameplay/story line. Yours didn't as much....gave me some medal points though

ManuelTacoface responds:

Yeah, I guess I could have added a few more stuff, but I had a deadline, so I couldn't add as much. Maybe in the sequel, if I ever make it.


Attack, Barrier, rocket, rocket, rocket, rocket......This strategy was the only thing I did throughout the entire game without fail. To give an honest review this game was quite boring to play through but I kept hoping that some sort of strategy would eventually bring forth itself...but I was disappointed.

If you could create moves and enemies that would actually be hard to kill and create ways to counteract them in strategic ways it would be fun, but obliterating every single opponent that same exact way the entire game gets repetitive and boring, fix that and it would be okay.

agree with icenhour76

That first fight you just stand there and nothing happens, I tried like 20 times to hit him and it keeps doing nothing and asking me if I want to repeat?! Its broken...

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EPIC there is no other word to describe it, your remixes get better and better!!! Dang Boy =)


Epic, got better as the song when on, ingenious and unique!!


Time to watch me some more Space Ghost and Johnny Bravo!!

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Epic But...

Whats up with her left hand? (For those reading HER left hand, not your left :P)

Medical School = No time for Newgrounds anymore :(

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